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The Directory provides an on line resource for organizations and groups in your community that provides valuable information to people in the community or who are visiting.

It provides valuable information including:  contract information, information about the organization, location (map), links to group’s website, pictures and more.

What makes our directory different is that community groups and organizations can create an account to update their information.

There is no charge for participating in the directory, however, it is meant for use by groups and organizations rather than individuals.

  • Post Listings
    Is your organization in need of more web presence? Create a listing for your organization. or claim ownership of one that is created for you.
  • Take Control of your Web Presence
    Have a change in leadership or location? You can go back to edit your listings and make sure things are completely up-to-date.

A successful directory can be a tool community organizers can use to know what’s out there and which needs that aren’t being met quite yet. It’s also a great tool for communication and community-building! By using this guide you can contribute to our directory’s success and the continued success and innovation of your organization and community.


1. View Modes


There are three ways that you can navigate the directory. You can switch views using the three buttons at the top right of the interface. The three view modes are:

  • List View
    This is the default view mode. View a generated, mobile-friendly list of organizations, starting from the newest first.
  • Grid View
    This view mode displays events in a boxed format so you can see many events on one screen.
  • Map View
    Displays events geographically with an interactive Google Map.

2. Locations and Sorting


Southern Oregon and Northern California are regions chock full of small, isolated communities. A directory can help inform community organizers about what other nearby communities are doing. This both encourages the use of outside methods and provides a jumping point for innovation.

At the top of the directory interface is the search bar. You can search by name or by location. By clicking the cog icon in the location text box, you can search for organizations next to you by clicking “Get My Location” and setting the radius.

You can also sort events using filters, located on the top left of the interface. You can sort results by:

  • Oldest First
  • Newest First
  • Title (A-Z)
  • Random
  • Most Reviews
  • Highest Rated
  • Claimed
  • Unclaimed
    For more information about claiming listings, scroll down to the section titled “Claiming Listings.”


1. The Directory Submission Form

Submitting your organization is super simple! All you have to do is (Will be added once an agreement is reached on the new site’s frontend interface). Once you log in or register an account, you will be directed to a form:


1. Title

2. Location
This will update as you fill out the rest of the form. You can click “Find on Map” or “Get from Map” to pull information from Google Maps.

3. Categories
You can select more than one category.


4. Contact Info
Include information like your phone number and email address, and link to your website. If you have a contact person, include their name using a format like “Firstname Lastname 555-555-5555” in the phone number information box.

5. Social Accounts
Connect your listing with links to your profile(s) on social media!


6. Listing Description
Include information like your mission statement, intended clientele, and how people can join your cause

7. Photos
Supported formats are gifjpegjpg, and png. You can upload more than one image by pressing CTRL and selecting multiple photos.

2. Claiming Listings

Make sure to check to see if your organization exists in the directory before you create a new listing – your organization could already be listed, and could be claimable! A claimable listing will have an orange “Claim this Listing” button on its listing page.

Listings that are claimed and owned have a green check-mark next to them on the search and listings pages. If a listing does not have a green check-mark, it is claimable.

If your organization is listed in the directory and is not claimable, please contact us to claim your organization.

After clicking on the orange “Claim this Listing” button, you will be directed to the claims form. After entering your name, email and a comment, your claim will be processed and you will be emailed if it is approved. It’s easy-peasy!

TIP: Include your phone number in the comment section of the listing form to make the process faster.



You can access a list of your listings by going to Directory > My Listings on the main menu. You can edit your listings from there.

After you’re finished editing your listing, click the button at the bottom to save and publish your changes!

Now you are ready to contribute your community’s directory and let your organization’s voice be heard!